From my sister about my brother Michael Charles Smith.

“I was driving home tonight listening to vintage Hall & Oates and thinking of Michael.

Their song “Maneater” came on.

I remember it was a hit around 1984.

I came home to Milton from DC a few days before Christmas.

Mom and I were chatting in the living room and Michael came in as this song came on the radio. It was new and we both jumped up and started dancing all around the living room. Mom was sitting in one of the high backed chairs near the fireplace, laughing and smiling at us.

The song finished and we went back to our conversation. It was, to use an expression of Tara’s, a “brain burn”.

It stayed in my memory, not because it was a particularly special event like a birthday or a weddding. It is a brain burn because it was a casually happy, spontaneous dance with fun Michael around the living room.

My sisters loved dancing too.

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