The Elegance of the Wampanoags

The Wampanoags were not the savages.

The people of the dawn were near extinction from a bacterial infection carried the settlers and wars with the Micmacs and Pequots.

Despite these calamities the natives living near the Plymouth supposedly helped the Pilgrims celebrated a good harvest in 1621.

The event is poorly documented by the colonists, but the legend lives in the minds of Americans as a cherished moment of peace between the Old America and the New.

Within forty years the Wampanoags would suffer through the King Philip War.

Only 400 survived the fighting.

They sought refuge on Martha’s Vinyard.

Today the Wampanoags number almost 2000.

I know one.

Big Ralph.


A big man.

Wampanoag and proud of it.

Happy to be alive.

And me too, because I’m half-Irish.

Happy Turkey Day.

One and all.

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