Few Have Chosen

Jen Rowley is young.

She loves posing for photos.

I met her at the 169 Bar on east Broadway.

She left that dive for San Francisco.

The City by the Bay must seem more free, but I bet she doesn’t have health care and neither do most Americans even though the vast majority are covered by health plans at work.

ObamaCare has changed all that.

Millions of people are losing their coverage, because their insurers do not meet the minimum requirements of the health care legislation and Americans are not bothering to join the new health care network.

So far only 140,000 have signed up to the plan.

27,000 through the website.

The GOP have declared the program a failure.

Democrats are abandoning what they perceive is a ‘sinking ship’.

In truth the current national health system is broken beyond repair.

Americans pay more than any other country for less.

They don’t know it, until they need health care.

Healthy people don’t go to hospitals.

Except to visit sick people and they are generally glad that they aren’t sick.

Obamacare is not the answer to this dilemma.

It still depends on profiteering insurers.

National Health Care is the answer.

No matter what the fascist say and I’m sure that Jen Rowley also knows this.

She is a young woman.

In the prime of health, but aren’t we all?

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