Record CO2 Emissions

This week the World Meteorological Organization announced that Atmospheric volumes of greenhouse gases blamed for climate change hit a new record in 2012.

“For all these major greenhouse gases the concentrations are reaching once again record levels,” WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud told a news conference in Geneva at which he presented the U.N. climate agency’s annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin. “This year is worse than last year, 2011. 2011 was worse than 2010,” he said. “Every passing year makes the situation somewhat more difficult to handle, it makes it more challenging to stay under this symbolic 2 degree global average.”

Greenhouse gas emissions are set to be 8-12 billion tonnes higher in 2020 than the level needed to keep global warming below 2 degrees, the U.N. Environment Programme said on Tuesday according to Reuters.
Global Warming denialists were not shaken by these findings and wrote on Huffington Post the three following opinions;

1.) Eventually it will become clear to all (or most), that anthropogenic global warming is essentially a hoax. And it is a hoax that is all about taxation, wealth distribution, and the fleecing of the public. Unfortunately, believing in “climate change” has become a religion for many so I suspect it will be many years before some folks begin to realize they have been hoodwinked.

2.# Cool. I’ve been enjoying the mild winters and summers. No droughts or hurricanes this year. If this is Global Warming, keep it coming!

3.) Let’s not overreact. This was a sign of progress one hundred years ago.
We have at least 1000 years to watch things. So, in 3013 we can sit down and talk. There’s places to go, golf to be played, and fun to be had. Spring 2014- taking two oldest grand kids to Disney World. Will also go Punta Cana or Cancun for an all inclusive vacation. Many seniors known as snow birds maintain a winter residence in Florida. People in North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela don’t live this way. we are Americans. We do.

They like the rest of their kind are blind to the changes in the atmosphere.

Last year I went to the local fishing pier in SriRacha Thailand. I have been living there for 20 years. The sea was over the pier. I had never seen the sea that high and asked the fisherman if they had. No one had and an old salt said, “Too much ocean.”

Denialists can wrap themselves around the comfort of ignorance, but something has changed and not for the better.

Two years before the entire center of Thailand was flooded under 3 meters of water for months.

No one had ever seen it that high.

This year the nam-tuam was only 2 meters.

Last year I was in New York for Sandy.

No one had ever seen anything like that.

Welcome to the new world where the ocean swell swarms the coastal communities to baffle resort realtors’ old claim that they aren’t creating new beach front properties.

So drive your SUVs and eat your potato chips watching football in front of flat screen TVs in MacMansions that don’t make you look fat.

For better or worse we’re doomed and it’s too late to do anything about it.

Te morituri salutamus.

Ago tibi gratias

ie those who are about to die salute you, but I will ignore your ignorance.

World population 2050 – one billion.

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