More Ludes

From a female friend in Palm Beach;

I remember ‘ludes well. I have a story about thinking I had a brain tumor and/or an allergy to rum because I kept passing out after I had a couple of daiquiris on a boat that was in harbor and coincidentally had very good drugs. I’d wake up at 4AM, splayed out on deck, sometimes in the rain and had no idea what had happened. This went on all summer and I actually went to Providence and saw a neurologist who did a brain scan. He said nothing was wrong with my brain but the episodes persisted. I switched to vodka but I still passed out. I also was a regular on the boat as there were other perks that I couldn’t resist. After the summer, the boat left for the Caribbean and suddenly my blackouts stopped. A year later the mate confessed to me that the captain had been crushing up ludes and putting them in my drinks. The captain was a Welsh pig and I hate to think what really happened to me but I never asked nor do I want to know.

Another time, I handed out half a lude to a fellow passenger on a flight from St. Maarten to NYC. After about a half hour he said nothing was happening and asked for the other half. I gave it to him reluctantly because he was a lude virgin and I didn’t know how well he’d hold up. The last time I saw him, he was curled up on the baggage carousel at JFK, going round and round while his parents looked on in horror. I got out of there fast and made a note not to share with strangers.

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