Driving on the weekend is a bad idea. Traffic is in anarchy-mode. Yellow lights mean go fast. Red lights say go faster to drivers trapped in dead-end jobs. Sunday behind the wheel they drive according to size. Traditionally Chinese have been deemed the worst driver, however they have been superseded by Hassidim in mini-vans and even worse by Yiddish school bus drivers who must scare Yahweh into the young passengers.

Last weekend a Chinese driver on the Westside Highway entered the headlines, as Mssr. Lien drove uptown with his wife and one year-old son.

The media reported that they were celebrating their first-year anniversary.

The newspapers had no information about their destination.

It could have been the Jersey malls or a coke corner in Washington Heights.

There is a video of Lien slamming into a biker.

The media has declared the bikers’ guilty.

I defended them on huffington-com

Here’s the responses.

billswan173 October 5, 2013 at 9:35pm

If you ride like this biker gang then expect to get run over.

they were already cornering him, he had no choice since he was their targeted vehicle. They said they didn’t like the way he was driving right and left, annoying them. Probably, he was trying to avoid the maniacs?

Hey, these biker punks could have had guns!

He panicked because a group of bikers surrounded his SUV , which had his 2 year old child in the back set. This was not just a random accident. The bikers approached , taunted and chased him.

I had one defender.

“I agree on the SUV’s but I’ve had more minivans move me out of my lane or off the road than any other vehicle when I’m riding my motorcycle.

“Loud pipes do indeed save lives. If they don’t see you or bother looking for you at least they might hear you if your bike is loud. Unfortunately mine isn’t loud but after several close calls this year, I’m going to go to a louder exhaust next riding season.”

Everyone else was a KKK member from Indiana.

“We’re sorry you don’t own an suv, but purchasing one is a better long-term strategy than attacking people who already own one.”

“What are you smoking?

Are you not aware of the circumstances that preceded Lien’s actions?”

“You are sooooooooo wrong. Almost everyone who’s commented on this issue would have done the same; the only weapon he had with which to protect himself and family was his SUV.”

Sorry, folks, but I hate rushes to judgment.

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