Safer Than Peanuts

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The top 15 causes of death in the USA are the following according to ( I have added the major causes of these top causes of death based on my hunches and not scientific fact);

1. Heart Disease (obesity and tobacco)
2. Cancer (tobacco, pollution, stress, and fast foods)
3. Stroke (obesity, fast foods, and stress)
4. Chronic Lung Disease (tobacco and pollution)
5. Accidents (stupidity and lack of luck)
6. Alzheimer’s (aluminum and over-saturation of visual stimuli ie TV)
7. Diabetes (fast food and obesity)
8. Influenza and Pneumonia (lack of rest and sleep)
9. Nephritis/Kidney Disease (alcohol and fast food)
10. Blood Poisoning (processed foods)
11. Suicide (too much stress)
12. Liver Disease (alcohol)
13. Hypertension/Renal (too much stress)
14. Parkinson’s Disease (pollution)
15. Homicide (heart failure)

The same site lists the top 50 causes of the death in the USA at this URL

None of them are related to marijuana, but the police aren’t kicking down the doors of JR Reynolds, because smoking is a matter of choice, not propaganda.

MInd you, I don’t really smoke marijuana these days.

Too chronic for an old hippie.

I do defend the right of heads to get high.

It is harmless not matter what the fat boy Governor of New Jersey and CALM (Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana) feel about legalization to protect the special interests of police unions, private prisons, Big Pharma, Budweiser, and prison guard unions.

Safer than peanuts.

Hell, someone in Iowa has a better chance of getting killed by a shark than dying of marijuana.

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