5 Days In Semi-Hell

Last month New Yorkers were happy to not be involved in the Great Midwestern Heat Wave, however this week the Eastern Seaboard had been subjected to fury of 90+ temperatures. Every morning the thermometers start at 75 and then rise toward 100. So far we have been spared the triple-digit torrid torment, yet each day the baked streets, buildings, and sidewalks radiate merciless heat and the hot spell is predicted to last through the weekend.

This afternoon I rode my bike past the McCarron Pool. The watery vastness was packed with humanity and I sought relief through drinking two ice green teas, several liters of water, two beers, one cider, and I fully intend on hydrating myself throughout the evening.

And I’m dead set on eating a good hunk of watermelon.

Tomorrow is day six.

I’ll be working at the metal shop.

There is no air conditioning.

Only sweat.

And beer thereafter.

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