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Picasso No Sale

Over the last few years Richie Boy has sold a Mr. Dithers a few diamonds with hopes of scoring big with the Washingtonian financier. I became friends with Dithers after he learned that I knew Jean-Michel Basquiat. I recounted about having my girlfriend erase his painting from my refrigerator. “I wasn’t the only one to […]

Atomic Bloom

Last Sunday I bicycled from Fort Greene to Bushwick Avenue. Jane Dickson was displaying a sparse mirrored mural of mythical rock bands at the Silent Barn Gallery. The neighborhood was hard-core without any signs of encroachment from the art phenomena farther to the north. I locked my bike to a gate and hoped for the […]

THRILLS at Smart Clothes Gallery featuring Jane Dickson

THRILLS June 26 – July 28, 2013 FEATURING JANE DICKSON, LAWRENCE BERZON, CHARLES DENSON, RICHARD EAGEN, HAZEL HANKIN, MARC KEHOE, PHILOMENA MARANO, & MARIE ROBERTS Reception for the artists Wednesday June 26, 6-9pm @ Smart Clothes Gallery,154 Stanton Street, NY, NY 10002 I’m going to see Jane Dickson’s work. See you there.

Photo-Shopping Ads

Somehow I get the feeling that the Belfast City Council didn’t approve this ad. Poo throwing. A danger for all ages. The real message pre-photo-shopping was the following; “When we asked people why they didn’t put their litter in the bin, the most common excuse was ‘I can’t be bothered’ or ‘I couldn’t find a […]

Bad Day