Sucker Punch

In the winter of 1967 I stood outside the parking lot of BC High with a Southie girl. The G Clefs were performing soul hits on stage. Debbie and I had danced to their version of MUSTANG SALLY. We were talking about school. Her eyes widened in surprise and I turned to see why.

A fist of knuckles stuck my face.

It was her boyfriend.

He was from Charlestown.

They didn’t fight fair.

I backed away from his next punch, but then my assailant was knocked out my another sucker punch.

My older brother Frunk had saved me from a more serious beating.

Frunk and I left Debbie to take care of her boyfriend and he said, “Guess we should call it a night.”

“That’s a good idea.” Charlestown boys traveled in packs.

We went outside and got in my father’s Olds 88. He was behind the wheel.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just tired.” My older brother was rubbing his hand.

My father drove us back to the South Shore.

It had been a good night, because I had learn everything is fair in love and fights.

Debbie’s boyfriend knew that too.

ps foto is from the late 80s. Shannon Greer suckerpunching Albert.

Something must have been said about that weird leather jacket.

ps I love shannon greer’s photos.

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