Go ZomBs

Faced with elimination by the Toronto Maple Leafs the Bruins rallied from a 4-1 deficit in the third period of the seventh game. I counted them out, but continued to listen to the WBZ broadcast to hear the ZomBs rise from the grave to score three goals to tie the game and then win the match in overtime.

This week the Bruins opened a quarterfinal series against the New York Rangers, whom they last faced in the 1973 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Rangers won that year, but game one in 2013 went to the ‘ruins with Brad Marchand scoring an OT goal against the opposing team’s stellar goalie.

Today is game two.

I’ll be watching at Mullanes.

Fully rigged out in Bruins gear.

Go you ZomB motherfuckers.

They come at you from the dead and secondly playoff hockey is a thousand times more exciting than NBA basketball.

There is only one time out.

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