Uncool Punk

During the late-70s I often visited the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The suggested admission was $2. As a punk from CBGBs I gave nothing. That paintings on the walls belonged to rich people and the antiquities had been stolen from around the world. My favorite paintings were el Greco’s VIEW OF TOLEDO and Thomas Cole’s THE OXBOW. After studying the art I had lunch in the dolphin fountain cafeteria. The food was bland, but a glass of wine was cheap.

This week superstars Beyoncé and Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue offered the world a view of punk fashion. Hundreds of celebrities turned up for a $100,000 a head gala at the Museum on 5th Avenue.

Cameron Diaz and Jessica Sara Parker were epitomes of phoneyism.

Anne Hathaway less so.

And Miley Cyrus was so so yes.

For the most part the Rich and Famous are so uncool

Unlike Debby Harry.

Or Psy.

Gabba Gabba Ho-Hum

And no mention of Johnny Thunders, X, or Sham 69.

Fuck you all.

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