Colonel James Steele

While running my F1 shopping internet website in Thailand, I decided to adopt an alias.

I told the Thai selling Ferrari shirts and McLaren jackets that my name was James.

“James Bond,” they remarked with a smile.

“Not James 007, but James Steele.”

And like that I became James Steele to hundreds of people in Pattaya.

The name stuck with the mother of my son and her two children. Everyone in her village called me “James’ and I continued to use the moniker upon my return to the USA in 2009, however the other day the Guardian published an article about Colonel James Steele, the Pentagon’s dirty war expert.

In 2003 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld dispatched the retired Green Beret to Iraq. His mission was to set up torture camps to interrogate insurgents with the blessing of General Petreaus, whose recent sex scandal eliminate him from the post of CIA director.

His course of action in Iraq was pure evil and he has shamed my pseudonym.

James Steele.

There are good ones.

To watch the Guardian’s film of Colonel James Steele, please go to the following URL

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