A Curse On The Pharoahs

Yesterday the US government honored a 2011 commitment to Egypt democracy by doled out $190 million of a $1 billion pledge. Newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry warned the Morsi government must adhere to IMF monetary demands and expected improvements on protecting the rights of women and religious minorities. His departure from Cairo was delayed by soccer hooligans from the Al Ahly club, whose supporters were imprisoned after last year’s deadly riot in Port Said.

Right-wingers in America were quick to criticize the White House by accusing Obama of bribing radical Islamists at a time of GOP-imposed austerity due to last week’s sequestration of the budget.

“How many meat inspectors will be laid off to pay for this? How many air traffic controllers? How many kids will go hungry?” asked a radical friend on FB.

Another true believer accused the President with stronger words. “The Traitor has to keep our enemys strong, for his revolution to come.”

I retorted their heated rhetoric by writing, “We gave $12B to Afghanistan, $3B to Israel,$2B to Iraq, $1.7 to Pakistan, $1.4B to Egypt, and $154 Million to the National Endowment of the Arts doesn’t come close to the billions to prevent the collapse of a corrupt banking system. Over $30 billion in overdrafts alone. $67 Billion in ATM charges. Plus Egypt flooded smuggling tunnels to Gaza with sewage s to block the destabilizing flow of weapons and militants into Sinai. It’s amazing what $194 million buys.”

But then the right prefer war not peace, except we’ve fought two wars over the last ten years with no concrete improvement to the stabilization on the Middle East, then again killing foreigners on the other side of the world something they understand better than the economics of a nation ruled by the banks.

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