Heresy For Egypt

There are not many deep thinkers in America.

People beleive what they are told by the media.

This week has attempted to excoriate Obama for paying $190 million to Egypt

Right-wingers were incensed by our committment to Peace in the Mideast and asked, “How many meat inspectors will be laid off to pay for this? How many air traffic controllers? How many kids will go hungry?”

None of them bothered to question the trillions the American taxpayer has laid out to pay for GW Bush’s Wars and I responded by writing, “$12B to Afghanistan, $3B to Israel,$2B to Iraq, $1.7 to Pakistan, $1.4B to Egypt, and $154 Million to the National Endowment of the Arts doesn’t come close to the billions endowed to the prevent the collapse of a corrupt banking system. Over $30 billion in overdrafts alone. $67 Billion in ATM charges. ps Uncle Sam should pull down his pants when he’s taking a dump.”

One fascist responeded by posting, “Obama has 1 agenda. How to turn America into a Socialist State as fast as possible. Period end of story.”

I retorted, “Better than a fascist religious state under GW Bush. I like my beer cold and there is no good beer in the buckle of the bible belt Oklahoma”

He thought bitching about GW had lost its zing and I said, “Bitchin about GW. It’s starting to get old. has not gotten cold anyone in Iraq looking for WMD.”

Fuck the GOP.

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