Drones Over DC

It’s winter in the Hindu Kush.

The high temperature in Kabul will hit 42 F around noon. Sunny skies will afford the US drone operators excellent down-ground vision over Taliban territoryty. They are also seeking targets throughout the world to exact a deadly toll on the enemies of America with a lethal tool.

According to Wikipedia the drone Predator can fly up to 400 nautical miles (740 km) to a target, loiter overhead for 14 hours, then return to its base.

Many of these drones carry Hellfire missiles.

THey have been featured on CNN, Fox News, and Hollywood movies as an effective weapon against ‘reputed’ terrorists.

The Pentagon has spent billions on this project, which is a refined version of General Curtis LeMay’s ‘Bomb them into the Stone Age’ strategy, and the main architect of this policy has been nominated for CIA Director.

I worked over twenty years as a physionomiste at night clubs.

My job was to decipher people at a glance, John Brennan, the White House counterterrorism chief, and I say fuck you.

He had supported torture and assassination without oversight.

I like that he can speak Arabic, but my gut feeling is that he has sat in dark rooms and seen what darkness is within the heasrts of men.

It is never a pretty sight.

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