No Rain In Sight

As far as I can ascertain from my research there has been no rain on the planet Mars for over billions of years, although the Xanthe Terra highlands on the equator shows signs of water flow. The heaviest rainfall on Earth has been recorded in the following locations according to;

LLoro, Colombia, averages 13,300mm (523.6 in) per year
Mawsynram, Meghalaya, India, averages 11,873 mm (467 in)
Mt Waialeale, Hawai’i, USA, annual average 11,684 mm (460 in)
Cherrapunji, also in Meghalaya; yearly avg 11,430 mm (450 in)
Tutunedo, Choco, Colombia, annual avg of 11394 (448 in)

New York City weathermen predicted heavy rain for 5pm this evening. As we pulled the jewelry from the front window, my partner at Smith and Love Diamonds shook his head and said, “Fantastic, I get to walk home in the rain and I don’t have an umbrella.”

“Don’t worry, it will hold off.”

“How do you know?” Hlove trusted meteorologists more than me.

“Because my fingers aren’t crackling.” I had fought about 200 times over my life. Not all of these bouts were one on one and not all of them were entered into the W column, but I always threw a punch. “Busted knuckles are a damned good barometer.”

“If you say so.” Hlove is a guitarist, but he’s also a fighter.

“Clench our fist.”


“You hear anything?”


“So you’ll get home high and dry.”

“I don’t know about high.” HLove’s doctors had ordered him to take the cure. We had never drank together and I never say anything about his choice. It’s life versus death and not a question of wet feet. “But if you say so I’ll be dry.”

We shut the safe and left the exchange. I was the last to go, because it took me three minutes to find my cell phone. The train ride to Fort Greene was twenty-three minutes on the B. I exited at Atlantic Terminal and stepped outside onto Hanson Place. The rain had yet to come and looking out my window at 8:05 there’s none in sight.

High and dry.

Except my the glass of wine in my hand is expecting a downpour.

“The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.” Lucretius

Same goes for wine, since all liquids find the fastest path to the sea.

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