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Lady Words That Men Don’t Know or Use

JFK was reputed to be the fastest speaker in the English language. Whereas expert typists can tap out 120 words per minute, JFK could string over 300 words in a minute. JFK is the recognized champ, however my fast-talking mother could have whipped the Boston-bred president like a red-headed step-child, mostly because women have a […]

My Brother In Law’s Thanks 1961

1961 was 51 years ago. I’m thankful to have DR as my BIL. Please click to enlarge letter

A Good Nose

I graduated ‘sin laude’ from university. Most of my classmates entered straight 9-5 jobs. I drove across the USA with my friend Andy and a coed named Carole. Two months later I returned to Boston. America was in a recession. A banking personnel director said that I had a stutter. He was right. I didn’t […]

Singapore # 1 In Sorrow

Fresh on the failures of Gallup’s presidential predictions the company releases the results of a happiness polls citing that Danes are the most satisfied people in the world and those from Togo are the least. Most bummed out was understandably tied between Greeks and Iraqis, however denizens of the Asian city-state Singapore responded negatively to […]

Living Long Is The Best Revenge

My great-grandaunt Bert lived to 103. Aunt Marge made it to 95. My father hit 90. My family suffers longevity well and at 67 I can still beat some teenagers at basketball, so I suspect that I’m headed for a ripe old age in full control of my diminishing facilities and if so I hope […]