A Letter For Ralph

Last October Ralph Jawad of Ralph’s Meats on Lafayette Street in Fort Greene was arrested by the NYPD for possession on marijuana and two guns. The neighborhood mayor is out on bail after a period of incarceration on Riker’s Island. The NY Post today heralded the approach of legal marijuana sales in New York, yet Mayor Bloomberg continues to target smokers and low-level dealers rather than the pharmaceutical companies selling oxycondin and countless other prescription killer drugs.

We demand freedom for Ralph.

If you live in Fort Greene, please write a letter to Ralph to help his defense with your contact information and bring it to Ralph’s asap. Just follow the steps below.

1. Introduction: Who You Are. What you do for a living and for how long.

2. How You Know Ralph: For how long, and relationship, neighbor, landlord,

3. Give Specific Examples: i.e. good things he’s done, his reputation, honest etc.

4. Provide a good contact number, email, & / or address”

Free the Ralph.

It’s the neighborhood thing to do.

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