Christo’s Pyramid

The world-famous wrapper Christo has announced his newest project, MASTABA, a multi-colored pyramid constructed of hundreds of thousands of oil barrels. The $339 million structure will be erected in the Abu Dhabi desert as a permanent tourist attraction for the wealthy emirate. The height will beat out that of the Great Pyramid of Giza and according to the Daily Mail Christo said: ‘When the sun rises, the vertical wall will become almost full of gold.’

What’s more amazing than the scale of his pyramid is that Christo found financing for this folly.

My good friend Kenny Schacter felt that there was a myriad of better ways to spent money than this waste of effort in a desert.

Fans of Christo claim that the project will employ numerous people, creative and otherwise as well as that the money spent by Christo will go into the pockets of regular people, and inspire millions. An equal amount of money is spent in one night at a large auction, often taking art out of public view and doing no good for anyone except those who have more than enough money already and that society benefits as a result.

One woman asserted that Christo ALWAYS and ENTIRELY self-finances his projects. He raises funding from the sale of his drawings and then pays a very good wages to young artists to fabricate and build.

I personally think it would have been better to buy 14125 fully loaded Prius 2s and gathered them together in a multi-colored circle to give them away to a waiting horde or donate nearly two million children multi-colored computer tablets instead of glorifying the addiction to oil.

But what do I know about Art?

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