Gaza Versis Goliath

The Old Testament has great plots; Adam and Eve, Moses freeing his people, and the classic David versus Goliath. Israel has touted their relationship to the young shepherd downing the giant throughout the wars against their neighbors without ever mentioning the help of the West. They were never really alone, but few Arab states have openly supported the PLO or Hamas on a military basis in fear of earning the wrath of the Big Dog of the USA.

The most recent escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip has resulted in over a hundred dead on both sides, although the Palestinians are taking a beating from their arch-nemesis.

Low-tech rockets in one direction and top of the line bombs and missiles in the other.

Egypt has offered terms for a ceasefire.

Israel demands no hostile fire from Gaza and an end of arms shipments to Hamas, while their fellow falafel eaters demand a cessation to the Gaza blockade and Shin Bet assassinations.

While newly re-elected US President Obama attempted to reach a common ground between the combatants, he also green-lighted Israel’s right to defend itself. No one wants Israel to lay down in the face of aggression, but neither will the world approve of a bloodletting such as occurred in the last Gaza incursion.

PM Netanyahu has called up 75,000 army reservists and Hamas has said ‘bring it on’.

The IDF has superiority of arms, but as they learned in Lebanon their tanks are only good for one thing, so Israelis are rightfully worried that “Bibi’ is leading them into another war without victory only more mayhem.

Come on people, demand for a ceasefire.

As Winston Churchill said, “It is better to jaw jaw than war war.”

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