Green Everywhere Around Israel

After WW2 hundreds of thousands of Jews sought refuge in Palestine joining the thousands of their religious kinsmen who had fled the pograms of Czarist Russia. This influx of refugees swelled the small British Mandate, so that by 1948 32% of the population of nearly two million people were Jewish, yet the UN resolution awarded over half the land to the newcomers, who seized even more territory after their decisive victories against the Arabs in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 as well as occupying major portions of the West Bank and Gaza to quell any rebellion against Israel.

Americans tend to think that Israel has existed forever, however since the Romans conquered the Hebrews no Jewish state existed for almost 2000 years. We have seen countless movies about the struggle to establish a homeland for a people persecuted by the Nazis almost to the point of extinction. Our sympathies were heightened by the romanticism of EXODUS. No president has ever really spoken out against the apartheid democracy and my fellow Americans consider all Arabs as terrorists as evinced by this facebook entry by my cousin Kim

“I’m worried about Israel…there will never be peace but hopefully a cease fire. McCain calling for Bill Clinton to go in. Anyone that is willing to cross boarders with a bomb strapped to their chest is a dangerous zealot. No Israeli would do such an act. Beyond war into terrorism. Golda Meir said the conflict would end when the Arabs love their children with the same intensity that they love their children..below a map. Israel is surrounded by enemies.

Kim posted the above map showing an Israel wrapped by green.

I responded as follows; “Israel put itself in that situation when they stole the land from the palestinians. How many palestinians were at Dachau? Zero. As for the terrorists with a 10lb bomb strapped to them, what about the US made F-16s strapped with 1000 pound bombs. Oh, I forgot that’s precision bombing. Fuck an eye for an eye. All I want to say to the two parties is what Grace Slick said at Altamont, “Calm down people.”

addendum ps on a geographical note Israel has four neighbors and the sea. Then again Americans aren’t too good with geography. Kim, I’m glad you have GPS or else you couldn’t find your way to Starbucks

Her friend Jay jumped into the discussion, “Let’s all relive history and make Israel the bad guy again. After all it worked so well last time… NOT!”

Kimberly wasn’t amused either. Zealots on both sides have no sense of humor, “I shall always love Israel, and what it stands for..Jews persecuted for centuries..shit on for all time..mass graves…gas…six million slain as they whisper the one hope: Israel..the promised land.
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“Once more there were no Palestinians at Dachau. Love an ideal, do not support apartheid.” I wasn’t leaving her with the last word.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

Kim. “Hamas is a terrorist organization. The Muslim brotherhood is a terrorist organization. No need to talk down to me. Apartheid. REALLY? We will have to agree to disagree.

I tried to reason, “This is all a shadow play at the cost of lives. The plot cannot be seen by those unprepared to challenge the lies of politicians, media, and perception. All is not what it seems, but you know what you’ve been taught to know. There are no other options when you don’t question the truth.

Kim: “What, are you in the CIA? LOL”

“No, but I know what happened. Over the past months parties within Hamas, Israel, and Egypt pursued a peace pact. The proposal was handed to Ahmed Jabari and hardliners within Hamas snitched him out to an equally obdurate faction within the IDF, who ended all peace prospects with a drone attack. Of course this is all a hunch based on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, but then all life is an imitation of art.”

“Unleash the dogs of war.” – General Chang Klingon commander

I love Star Trek.

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