Monthly Archives: October 2012

Ray Ray of the Heat

In the summer of 2007 Ray Allen joined Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to form the Big Three of the Boston Celtics. The perennial all-star added a three-point threat to my hometown squad and #20 had a pivotal role in beating the LA Lakers in the 2008 Championship. The Celtics were back on top of […]

Last Train From Grand Central

New York City is cut off from the rest of the world. Airports closed. Trains closed. Subway closed. We are where we are.

Storm Warnings For Sandy

The wind is light over the rooftops of Fort Greene, as the city prepares for Hurricane Sandy’s landfall late Monday night. Mayor Bloomberg has announced the closure of the MTA’s subways and buses at 7PM on Sunday night to prevent people getting stranded by the storm surges into low-lying flood plains such as the Rockaways […]

DA AUTUMN LEAVES by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the 60s my family home on the South Shore bordered on a small woods and every October the trees beyond the old stone wall turned brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges. The glorious explosion of color lasted several weeks, then the colding wind ripped the weaker leaves from the branches and they fell by […]

My 5 Top Autumn Songs

My favorite autumn songs are; AUTUMN LEAVES by Cannonball Adderly’s SOMETHING ELSE To view please go to the following URL AUTUMN LEAVES by Nat King Cole To view please go to the following URL AUTUMN IN NEW YORK by Billy Holiday To view please go to the following URL URGE FOR GOING by […]