I Want To See Peace

In 1968 Richard Nixon beat Hubert Humphrey by campaigning for the end of the Viet-Nam War.

During his inaugural speech Nixon said, “The greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker.”

The War lasted another seven years.

As many troops died under his leadership as all the previous presidents going back to Eisenhower.

Even worse millions of Vietnamese civilians died along with hundreds of thousands in Laos and Cambodia and secret recording between the president and his war-criminal Secretary of State Henry Kissinger revealed Nixon’s true heart, when he said, “The only place where you and I disagree … is with regard to the bombing. You’re so goddamned concerned about civilians and I don’t give a damn. I don’t care.”

Two nights ago Mitt Romney announced at the presidential debate that he wanted peace for Iran and the USA, despite having repeatedly called for stronger measures than those provided by President Obama, thus flummocking a good percentage of those stupid as a bucket of mud undecided voters that he was not going to lead us into Armageddon to save Israel.

“I want to see peace.”

Mitt is up in the polls.

He’s a peacenik.

But he’s the same slick haired motherfuckers as that Quaker Nixon.

Say anything to get where he wants to go.

In other words, “I don’t care.”

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