Bad To The Bone

Fame has been cruel to the blonde star Lindsay Lohan. The troublesome actress most recently fought with a low-ranking GOP congressional staffer, who had been secretly taking photos of Lilo at W Hotel party and this spat was preceded by a car accident. The girl hasn’t been able to get a break, since her troubles began with drugs, drink, and driving in LA.

Rehab, jail, community service, rehab, and now the actress is asking for a reset, “I want my career back. These problems were my college years … but they were in the public eye. I was irresponsible. I was experimenting.”

Her nude pictorial in the January/February 2012 Playboy was a huge success as well as her hosting of SNL, but film work has been slow in coming with producers worried about legal problems from the bad girl.

Personally I think she’s a great influence on the kids today.

They have no balls.

And the girl just wants to have fun.

If she had been living in New York none of her bad luck would have happened to her.

Well, maybe not all, but less for sure.

We know how to keep our mouths shut.

ps mostly because Lindsay Lohan isn’t my type.

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