Supposedly after his 1989 defeat in the NYC mayoralty race by David Dinkins, Rudy Guiliani supposedly asked his wife in tears, “Do people really not like me?”

The answer was yes, however four years later the ex-federal prosecutor conducted a campaign promising to clean up New York by having the police wage war against petty crimes

“It’s the street tax paid to drunks and panhandlers. It’s the squeegee men shaking down the motorist waiting at a light. It’s the trash storms, the swirling mass of garbage left by peddlers and panhandlers, and open-air drug bazaars on unclean streets.”

Guiliani didn’t have to be a nice man to be mayor in the 90s.

People wanted the streets cleaned of crime and to this day many New Yorkers attribute his reign of law and order as the catalyst revitalizing Manhattan as the center of wealth.

Paul Ryan the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate for 2012 is considered a likable fellow by his supporters, however no one has yet to see him holding a beer unlike Barack Obama, GW Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush Senior, and Ronald Reagan. There are no photos of Jimmy Carter with a beer in his hand, although his younger brother came out with Billy Beer.

Willard Romney as a Mormon is Taliban strict about beer, wine, and spirits.

He is no fun at a barbecue or anywhere else and Silversun Pickups caught the fever this week by telling the presidential nominee to desist in using their hit song PANIC SWITCH for his rallies. Paul Ryan also suffered a lambasting from the guitarist of his favorite bands Rage Against The Machine. Tom Morello blasts him for having rage, but rage against “rage against women, a rage against immigrants, a rage against workers, a rage against gays, a rage against the poor, a rage against the environment.”

Yes, Paul, people really don’t like you.

And Mitt, the same goes for you.

ps there are no images of Rudy Guiliani drinking beer. Only him getting dragged out in a dress. Different folks, different strokes.

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