Monthly Archives: June 2012

Super Hero Team Work

Pattaya’s Glorious Batman Ruins

Batman disco off Sukhumvit was the one of Pattaya’s hottest in the 90s. Spotlights casting batman logos arced across the night sky. The young clientele crowded the four floors. Police staged a raid on the dance club and closed the premises for drugs and under-age drinking. While the owner fought the closure in court, a […]

Mayor For A Night

The other day I ate a spicy catfish salad or yam pla muk foo followed by a beer. The combination sat wrong with my stomach and my sleep that night was interrupted by a disturbing dream. Somehow after a drunken night on Walking Street, I had been appointed mayor of Pattaya. I was in the […]

Headlines of Pattaya

City officials are constantly announcing clean-ups of Pattaya. Drug busts, gambling raids, crackdowns on bars, and arrests of criminal farangs have garnered the local headlines for years without progress, mostly the small timers are inspired by the truly majestic demeanor of the corrupt elite lining their pockets with kickbacks, bribes, and illegal take-overs. Decent Thais […]

Obamacare Is The Law

Moments after the Health Care decision CNN reported on screen; BREAKING NEWS: INDIVIDUAL MANDATE STRUCK DOWN. Supreme Court finds measure unconstitutional. Fox News’ intense desire to see the law failed in the vote result in yet another erroneous headline in the spirit of declaration of the 2000 presidential election to close to call. The media […]