Click My Heels

After her wondrous adventures over the rainbow in the Kingdom of Oz, Dorothy Gale clicked both heels of the ruby slippers to return to Kansas and she was quick to tell her family and friends, “There’s no place like home.”

Kansas despite the tornados has always been considered the heartland of America and the prairie state has steered clear of any change to the social fabric of the Bible Belt with attempted bans on abortion, a temporary elimination of evolution from school books, a campaign to proscribe the American Heritage Dictionary for the inclusion of bad words, the rejection of gay marriage, and the lowering of the marriage age to 15 in accordance with its Taliban morals.

Being a square state gives a state a complex to be square.

We can only hope that Kansans don’t try and make the rest of us squares.

I like to think of myself in 5 dimensions.

I just know which ones are which.

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