CIA BS War On Terrorism

9/11 has always been hinky for me. US Intelligence techniques love the ‘sting’ and I’ve always thought that the attack on the WTC and Pentagon was an deep-cover intel op left too long on the burner. 9/11 was never supposed to go that far, but someone up the chain of command said, “Let’s see where they will go?”

They learned that the hard way, but the CIA has refused to come up with other tactics other than informants, satellite surveillance, and religious fervor of the fundamentalists within the CIA, FBI, and government.

Call me a conspiracy weirdo, but I call them the way I see them, which was why when the CIA announced that they had foiled “underwear bomb” plot, I thought, “Bullshit.”

And now US officials are saying that the supposed bomber was a double agent in their pay to prove any and all threats. A similar attack in 2009 had supposedly failed in the air, but that didn’t prevent Hillary Clinton from going out on a limb to say, “The plot itself indicates that the terrorists keep trying… to devise more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people.”

Excuse me, but bullshit.

The only people trying to manufacture explosive underwear are the CIA.

Dumb white men with too much money.

Almost sound like they’re related to bankers.

Who are really dumb fucks.

Unless you believe this BS.

Then you are dumb and dumber.

Rocket Fart Man.

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