Us Versus Them

From Democracy or Plutocracy? A Chart

Friday 28 January 2011

by: Dave Johnson | Campaign for America’s Future | Op-Ed

We, the People / Wealthy Few
One Person One Vote / One Dollar One Vote
Government / Limited Government
Majority / Supermajority
Information / Propaganda
Taxes on the Wealthy / Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
Budgets / Budget Cuts
Jobs programs / Bank Bailouts
Welfare / Warfare
Public Schools / Private Schools
Public Investment / Private Investment
Public Transportation / Private Jets
Accountability / Impunity
Rule Of Law / Above The Law
Transparency / Secrecy
Sustainable growth / Pollution Growth
Medicare-For-All / Healthcare For Profit
Clean Elections / Rigged Elections
Savings Accounts / Offshore Accounts
Credit Card Debt / Credit Default Swaps
Union members / Serfs
Layoffs / Payoffs
Homies / Cronies
Majorities / Markets

Us know who Them are.

Problem is that most aspire to the Them World rather than the Us World.

Them have better wine.

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