Dave’s Luncheonette

After a night at the Mudd Club, the clientele met for breakfast at Dave’s Luncheonette on Canal Street. Eggs, toast, home-fries, and a cup of gruesome coffee was $1. Conversation was the night’s evening. The cuisine got no stars in any guidebooks.

I googled ‘dave’s luncheonette’ and Robert Carrithers wrote the following on his blog robertcarrithers.com

“Dave’s was open 24 hours. I used to work at the Mudd Club a few blocks away. We would go there after working all night and get there at 4 or 5 in the morning. I have a lot of strange stories about Dave’s Luncheonette. One night, someone finding a cigarette butt at the bottom of their milkshake. Another night, cockroaches in the sandwiches and we walked in one late night to find the big short-order cook beating up the skinny waitress while everyone watched. It was the only place open at that time. What can I say? If I am not mistaken Dave’s was finally closed by the health authorities.”

An accurate description, but no one had to be to work in the morning and we walked home to Soho and the East Village in groups or couples or all alone, happy to have a full stomach thanks to Dave’s Luncheonette.

The photo might be from ifotog, Queen of Manhattan Street Photography’s photostream

Check out her other work.

Memories and then some.

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