Happy Earth Day Plus 1

Lately I’ve been arguing that the age of the car is coming to an end.

Supporters of the meshing of fire, steel, and wheel guffaw my prediction.

“Cars will always be with us.” Older adults are adamant about our addiction to cars without recognizing the generational shift in progress.

“There are no cars in Star Trek, but there are trains,” I counter without reservation. I am a firm believer in ‘Live long and prosper’, plus more young people are abandoning the car in favor of alternative transportation. According to a report in the New Republic “In 1976, three-quarters of all 17-year-olds had drivers’ licenses. By 2008, that was down to 49 percent.”

Once trolleys connected America.

The auto industry bought them and sold us cars.

Everything good comes to an end when it isn’t good anymore.

Poor lil GTO.

ps for a tour of the the world of trolleys please go to the following URL


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