Bad Boys of The SS

The New York Times reported that the female escort at the center of the Secret Service sex ‘scandal’ has spoken in public about the the agent refusing to pay for her company.

“I tell him, ‘Baby, my cash money.”

According to many sources Agent Cheap Charlie offer of $30 was well below the agreed price of $250 and she enlisted the aid of another friend and the city police to settle the issue without any further problems.

My hunch is that the local police probably lost it, when the agent attempted to take the high ground by saying, “She’s a whore and I work for the President of the United States.”

Wrong thing to say.

The right course was to dip your hand into your pocket and pay the woman.

In the article the New York Times called the nameless woman a ‘prostitute’ rather than an escort and the reporter gave a subjective and unflattering description of her attire; ‘a short jean skirt, high-heeled espadrilles and a spandex top with a plunging neckline’.

The following comes from today’s Times.

“There was a language gap between the woman, 24, who declined to give her full name, and the American man who sat beside her at the bar and eventually invited her to his room. She agreed, stopped on the way to buy condoms but told him he would have to give her a gift. He asked how much. Not knowing he worked for Mr. Obama but figuring he was a well-heeled foreigner, she said, she told him $800.

The price alone, she said, indicates she is an escort, not a prostitute. “You have higher rank,” she said. “An escort is someone who a man can take out to dinner. She can dress nicely, wear nice makeup, speak and act like a lady. That’s me.”

By 6:30 the next morning, after being awoken by a telephone call from the hotel front desk reminding her that, under the hotel’s rules for prostitutes, she had to leave, whatever deal the two had agreed on had broken down. She recalled that the man told her he had been drunk when they discussed the price. He countered with an offer of 50,000 pesos, the equivalent of about $30.

Disgusted with such a low amount, she pressed the matter. He became angry, ordered her out of the room and called her an expletive, she said.

She said she was crying and went across the hall, where another escort had spent the night with an American man from the same group. Both women began trying to get the money. The woman veered between anger and fear as she told of her misadventure. “I’m scared,” she said, indicating that she did not want the man she spent the night with to get into any trouble but now feared that he might retaliate against her.”

All I got to say is fucking straights.

They think that they never have to pay for it.

But $800 is a lot of money for a night.

In Thailand you get a reverse gangbang for that amount of money.

Two nights in a row.

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