Welcome to Palestine

An Israeli soldier has been suspended after video footage showed him hitting a foreign pro-Palestinian activist in the face with his gun during a bicycle rally in the occupied West Bank, according to the Israeli military.

This weekend at dinner in Montauk Richie Boy addressed my old lead about the one-state solution for Israel.

“Israel shouldn’t exist in the Mideast.”

His statement caught our fellow diners by surprise.

“Yes, the only solution is for Israel to move to Florida. We already call it the Holy Land. West Palm Beach could become Jerusalem with the help of Disney World and the influx of Israelis would fill the empty condos in one year. Peace in the Mideast overnight.”

The other diners laughed at the proposal, but the further extrapolation on this plan formed by my Uncle Carmine in the 90s was for the USA to normalize relations with Cuba, although only on the condition that the name of havana be changed to Miami, so all the Cubans return to their homeland, thereby freeing up even more housing for the migrating Israelis.

There will be no peace in our time otherwise, because Israel has refused to address the wrongs of having stolen land from the Palestinians.

Freedom of speech is the keystone to any democracy.

That in America is at risk and in Israel any and all discussion of this subject is labelled anti-semitic by the press and the speaker besmirched as a Nazi.

Today the army barred entry to scores of pro-Palestinian activists from entering Israel as part of the ‘Welcome to Palestine’ campaign.

Two-thirds of the detainees were French.

European airlines cancelled hundreds of tickets to Jerusalem at the request of the Israeli security forces

No one was allowed to say anything.

Everyone was told to shut up.

It’s democracy apartheid style.

Mazel Tov.

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