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Off To London

Leaving Mittel Europa in a Porsche headed to catch the Chunnel train underneath the Channel. Madame L’Ambassador at the wheel. She doesn’t trust me to drive. I wonder why. Ready Steady Go.

Wanted Man In Georgia Redux

RE : Obama appearance before a Georgia court. A reader informed me of the following; That report is incorrect. Here is what actually happened: The attorney for some of the plaintiffs, Orly Taitz, got a blank subpoena form signed by Judge Malihi from a State web site and served it on Obama’s attorney. Although the […]

DOWN THE COAST By Peter Nolan Smith

Skyline Drive crested the steep bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the bright California sun crowned the hills with a golden nimbus. Hundreds of identical houses snaked up the streets of Daly City and trails of smoke floated from countless backyards, as suburban families celebrated Memorial Day with barbecues. A seared hamburger would have tasted […]

Wanted Man In Georgia

CBS Atlanta has report that a Georgia judge has demanded President Obama’s presence at a hearing to answer the charge that the POTOS isn’t a natural born US citizen. Birthers have consistently rejected all evidence of Obama’s citizenship such as having an American mother and a birth certificate issued from Hawaii. 13% of Americans believe […]

At Last / Etta James