Monthly Archives: December 2011

Crime of Memory

Passing Through Cologne

Back in December 1982 a Paris-bound train crossed the Rhine Bridge into Koln. The morning sky was shod with dark dawn sky. Lights rimmed the overflowing river. I sat on the left side of the DB passenger car. The 6-seat compartment was mine. Few people took the night train. It stopped at every station. Two […]

Paffgen Brewery

Last evening I dined at Paffgen Brauerei, the last family brewery in Cologne. The beer served at this establishment is called “Kölsch” once the most popular beverage in the city. Once a dark beer, the draught’s color was changed to resemble a pilsner. It is still served from the keg at Paffgen and I ordered […]

Dunkel Dunkel

The word for darkness in German is ‘dunkel’. Darkness is ‘dunkelheit’ and today dawned very ‘dunkel’ in the Rhine city of Cologne. The farther north in Europe the shorter the days, as the northern hemisphere approaches the winter solstice. After dunkel comes the grey sky of morning and I will visit the great cathedral of […]

Eight And Out Of Iraq

On September 11, 2001 the United States was assaulted by three hijacked commercial airliners. A fourth jet crashed into a Pennsylvania field. 9/11 shocked the nation and its populace sought revenge. The President, CIA, and FBI laid the blame on supporters of Osama Bin Ladin. The Al-Quada leader was living in Afghanistan and the Pentagon […]