Burning Credit Cards

The Mayor of LA has accused the Occupy LA protestors of damaging the grass in their campsite. Riots police have been deployed to protect the lawn from further harm.

“After 56 days of not enforcing three city laws that prohibit the use of that park, the time is now,” announced Police Chief Beck, however the midnight deadline passed without the planned eviction, thus disrupting the security of the nation. Tear gas, billy clubs, and officers trained by Homeland Security to quell violent demonstrators remain at the ready.

Banks are worried that the protests will disrupt the holiday buying frenzy, but shoppers faithfully swarmed to the malls on Black Friday to outspend 2010’s orgy of consumerism by 7%. ATMs were flooded by consumers eager to rescue the economy from the recession, each time getting hit by a charge of $1.50. The banks reap over $2 billion from ATMs along with another $36 billion in fees from the masses. All of this is profit and in this country profit is the bottom line for the corporation.

Carry cash, comrades.

Never buy what you can’t afford, unless the aim is to never pay the credit card bills.

Don’t worry you credit rating is shit.

Burn the cards to the limit.

You have nothing to lose but a good time.

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