FEATHERS by Bryan LeBoeuf

The Louisiana artist Bryan LeBoeuf has completed a new series of paintings. I’ve appreciated his realist style since walking into his Williamsburg studio in 2002. HIs painting of THE MOSH PIT captured my admiration and his unswerving dedication to this representative genre has attained new heights with his new offerings.

I never say to myself, as I do about an abstract painting. “I could do that.”

And his paintings speak a narrative, although sometimes not the one he had intended.

FEATHERS reminded me of a bloody tale of love between two men.

Back in the last century new heights a gay friend of mine was having a late-night fight with his lover. Something to do with who was on top and who was the bottom. Gerald was a little queenie and his boyfriend was rough trade. Gerald got the worst of punishment.

A broken nose and blood streaming down his chest.

A pillow had been shredded and the feathers stuck to his body.

The boyfriend threw him out of the apartment and Gerald ran outside to shout expletives from the sidewalk.

A police car rolled up to the curb and the window of the cruiser rolled down. Gerald turned to the cops and said, “What? You’ve never seen a naked man in a pillow fight before?”

The neighborhood was the West Village. It had been gay forever.

The cops looked at each other and drove off to the docks. Tranny hookers were easier to deal with than a naked queer covering in feathers.

I know I’m not supposed to say ‘queer’.

But I’m old school and so is Gerald, even if he does lie about his age.

To see more of Bryan’s work please go to the following URL


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