Dama La Pistola

“Dama la cuete.” is ‘gimme the gun’ in slang Mexican and guns have flooded across the Rio Grande to fuel a wicked murder spree by the vicious narco-bandidos of the drug cartels. Slang expressions for the dead are many.

According to a Fox Latino News report of Apr 14, 2011 “Encobijados” are bodies wrapped in a blanket; “encajuelados” are those stuffed in a car trunk; “encintados” are suffocated in packing tape.

Mexican authorities have maintained a body count of the muertitos since the beginning of President Felipe Calderón’s campaign against the drug lords. A friend writing a book about the killing spree of the Zeta death squads said that the number is more likely to be approaching 100,000. At stake is control of the multi-billion dollar drug trade and guns are a necessity of business in the border badlands.

The US ATF under the leadership of a gung-ho Obama appointee helped fuel the violence with a two-year operation called ‘Fast and Furious’ after a popular car theft movie series. Nearly 2000 weapons crossed the river into Mexico, as the undercover agents sought to link illegal guns to various murders in Mexico in order to file conspiracy charges against the desert crime lords. The dead never knew the connection between the guns and the branch of the Justice Department, but the operation came to light after a US border guard was murdered by the AK-47s purchased from the sting. GOP congressmen rightly saw the insanity of such a project and this week the head of the ATF and the agent in charge of the operation resigned from their positions.

Attorney General Eric Holder praised the departing director with warmth.

“I am grateful to Dennis for his dedication and service to the Department of Justice over these many years and commend his decision to place the interests of the U.S. Attorney’s office above all else.”

The White House had nothing to say on the scandal.

Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and hope the story goes away, but no one will know how many died in another failure to recognize that the drug war has been lost by the forces of law and order.

It’s time to stop the madness.

Legalize all drugs.

Even with all the muertitos, the dead count for drugs is a fraction of those from cigarettes.

Big Tobacco and death.

They were made for each other.

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