I’m A Hypocrite

A reader sent a comment on my entry DEATH SONG THAILAND

He found umbrage with my comment that ‘The majority of US Citizens consider the death penalty as an effective weapon against murder.’


I don’t know where you got your information on most Americans think the death penalty is a effective deterrent to crime, most Americans see the death penalty as payment for the crime committed.If someone has had a husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter or other loved one brutally murdered and they are against the death penalty I respect that. Never happened?

99% against it have never experienced that for some reason. Hmmm. Imagine that. What you need to do is get a law passed where you can sign a waiver saying that in the event any of your family members[children included] were to be brutally murdered you the survivor does not want the death penalty carried out. THEN I MIGHT RESPECT YOU. You wont even attempt it because your all hypocrites.As long as it’s someone else’s child or family member your against it.

My reply

Proud american.

My best friend was murdered in 2002. A handyman was convicted of the crime. He was sentenced to life. Personally I would have shot him dead without any qualms of guilt. Most Americans are lucky enough to not have family members or friends killed, but a great number do and usually by people they know ie friends and family.

I don’t know you got the idea that I’m not in favor of the ultimate retribution.

Just not in favor of having some dumb ass in charge like GW Bush, who doesn’t have the time to read a last-minute plea in charge of the process.

Lastly I don’t need your respect.

But thanks for the comment.

Good to see the blood boils in us.

So tired of people with no opinion other than ‘uh?’

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