Venus Versus Mars

I was a UFO movie fanatic as kid. My friends and I thought that the Martians were ugly, but the invaders from Venus would be tall blondes in bikinis. We much preferred Venus to Mars. It was the planet of love and over the years I became a Star Trek devotee. All the series were good. All the crews were honorable. Not like STAR WARS, yet despite my affinity for the stars the aliens remained absent from Earth.

Can you blame them?
Earth’s galactic address is East Bum Fuck, the Milky Way.

Still people see things in the sky.

Dozens of rural dwellers in the Texas dairy country reported UFOs in the early evening sky. The US Air Force refuted their claims saying that the object in question was actually 10 F-16s on a training mission. Not everyone was convinced by this disclosure.

“I guarantee that what we saw was not a civilian aircraft,” Steve Allen, a pilot and freight company owner, said about the incident and his assertion was backed up by several witnesses seeing the F-16s chasing the UFO.

I did not see the UFO in the video. Only the planes, but this last week in Pattaya I noticed several blonde men in white clothing and they didn’t use any form of transport other than their feet.

Long and lean.

They didn’t really walk like humans either.

I spotted two of them behind the Avenue Shopping Mall once and tried to speak with the odd-looking pair, but by the time I caught up with the pair they were gone.

Vanished into thin air.

I told my wife Mam about these ETs,

She thought I was going crazy again.

Better I tell her about ghosts.

That Thais can believe, but I swear that these strangers were aliens.

They showed no sweat in the mid-day sun and only women don’t perspire in the tropical heat

Women glow.

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