Fuck KFC

Workers rights have suffered reversals around the world. Richie Boy responded to my request for a raise by saying that keeping my job at the diamond exchange was my raise. He thought the line was funny. I did not see the humor.

The GOP are attempting to roll back the social advances of the FDR era. Their leaders are calling for the end of collective bargaining, the privatization of Social Security, and an end of Medicare. Strikes are rare in the USA, however workers around the world are in even worse straits.

KFC workers in Thailand were treated with contempt by the franchise owners. Any complaints were ground for dismissal. The bosses followed Richie Boy’s line on bonuses. Bonuses were continued employment. Wages were short of the national minimum and employees were given instant noodles and leftovers for dinner.

KFC and Pizza Hut Thailand earned almost 6 billion baht or about 100 Mercedes-Benz for its share owners.

Chicken bones for the staff of 10,000 makes for good profit.

Poo-Yai happy. Everyone happy. Even the workers sabaii jai at KFC, because the rich know how much the poor love eating bones. They taste better than dirt.

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