Monthly Archives: February 2011

Vatican Tells Cambodia To Go Bareback

The American-based Roman Catholic activist pro-life organization Human Life International has declared the failure of an American aid effort in Cambodia aimed at decreasing the Aids infection rate though the distribution of ‘rubbers’. The criticism is harsh at best. “These programs, according to the promoters, would have had to stop AIDS, but instead encouraged its […]

The Dearth of Wealth

No one in the USA will rebel until they surrender their dream of instant wealth. ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ is a lie. A million dollars after taxes lasts a poor man about three years, unless he throws away his telephone and stops talking to his family. The Lottery is a scam. Most of […]

Quick to Judgment

I hate the War of Terror. It’s a long-running fraud. The United States under Clinton, Bush, and Obama have promoted the threat of terrorism and after 9/11 Americans turned a blind eye to the loss of civil rights within the USA and the spread of extrajudicial murder and torture beyond our borders. Every dead Iraqi, […]

We Are # 1 Still

# 1 in rapes, prison population, CO2 emissions, divorce, plastic surgery, MacDonald’s fast food franchises (they are not restaurants ), teen birth rate, heart attacks, and let’s not forget that while China is more populous, 1.1 billion to 330 million, the USA outweighs population of the Middle Kingdom by a billion pounds. USA USA USA

Upstairs from the Leopard Lounge

Palm Beach is the fountain of youth. Anyone in their 50s is the youngest person in the room this side of the grandchildren. Nowhere in that enclave of the filthy rich is reincarnation of youth more miraculous than the Leopard Lounge in the Chesterfield Hotel on Poinsetta Avenue. Palm Beach has trails, vias, lanes, roads, […]