No Second Acts in Hollywood

Hollywood held its breath for several minutes listening to the surprise cancellation of NBC’s huge hit TWO AND A HALF MEN. The show’s creator had been verbally assaulted by the star of the sit-com, Charlie Sheen. His comments were interpreted by the flaks of the movie media to be anti-Semitic ie Arab or Jew, then again nothing kills a career in Hollywood faster than saying something against someone in power.

The Hollywood reporter joined the fray by asking a number of publicists about Charlie Sheen’s chances of resurrection. He has been a bad boy for a long time. Porno starlet Ginger Lynn for a girlfriend in 1990. I say ‘bravo’. She was very hot. Accidental shooting of fiancee. Another sexy XXX actress. Connections to a Beverly Hills brothel. Overdoses on cocaine. Abusive husband. Weapons possession. More drugs.

A gun ban.

No oen gets banned from a gun in the USA but Charlie Sheen.

He’s one bad motherfucker, but his producer decided enough was enough after Sheen’s admitting on national TV the following:

“I embarrassed him in front of his children and the world by healing at a pace that this un-evolved mind cannot process. I’ve spent, I think, close to the last decade I don’t know effortlessly and magically converted your tin can into pure gold. And the gratitude I get is this charlatan chose not to do his job, which is to write.”

The press accused Sheen of ranting and the show producer retorted, “If Charlie Sheen Outlives Me, I’m Gonna Be Really Pissed.”

Dead men never get pissed, but Chaim Levine must have paid a pile to get Hollywood Reporter to have ten nameless PR agents gangrape Charlie Sheen with pithe critiques about his ‘problem’, rehab, and forgiveness. Only one said chill and take a low profile.

Charlie Sheen is not a person to chill and he challenged Lorre to a fight, saying “If he wins, then he can leave my show.”

Now that’s a man.

As for fucking XXX stars.

Who wouldn’t?

Only Mormons because they like young girls.

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