The High Cost of the Thai Drug War

Last month over 300 Thai cops invaded Soi 6 off Pattaya’s Beach road in search of evil-doers. No search warrants. No habeus corpus. No rights for the sex workers of that inglorious street. The cops conducted urine tests of hundreds of women and after the test results came in positive, they arrested almost 16 women and transsexuals on charges of consuming a Class 1 drug. The total amount of drugs seized by the raiders was worth about 5000 baht.

300 cops had to cost about 200 baht each.

60,000 baht to capture less than $200 worth of drugs.

Last week a VIP Justice official along with 100 police officers and police volunteers followed up the success of the Soi 6 raid with a drug sweep on Pattaya’s Sunee Plaza. bars. Piss tests were conducted on the staff of the mostly gay go-go bars and the investigators brought to justice 46 men and women on suspicion of drug possession and under-age drinking. The total value of contraband seized approached nearly 70,000 baht and officers were proud to participate in the Prime Minister’s mission to lower crime in Thailand by 20%.

Relentless in their pursuit of evil-doers over 200 police officers and volunteers staged a midnight visit to Pattaya Soi 13/3. Go-Go boys were escorted from their venues and 15 young men out of the 200-strong naked dancing corps were discovered to have speed in their pee. An online gambling casino was also the victim of this police endeavor. 15 computers and 2000 baht were seized thanks to the diligence of the uniformed officers.

So squares of Pattaya sleep safe and sound.

Your city is a better place with those criminals off the streets and I’m sure that that have learned that crime doesn’t pay big money. Hopefully the police learned the same lesson and actually pursue real criminals.

Then again that would be real work.

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