Monthly Archives: January 2011

State of the Union Speech 2012

My prediction for Obama’s speech this evening is that there will be no announcements about the legalization of marijuana or a ban on torture or an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan or the outlawing of potato chips and fast food. The President will instead try to rally the nation around the idea that our eyes have […]

Whitey You Dog

The name Whitey belonged to one man in Boston for the last fifty years. Whitey Bulger, arch-criminal out of South Boston, had lived in the USA’s first housing project. His first arrest for larceny predated my birth by nine years. The FBI entered his name into the MOST WANTED list on 1999, despite his status […]

SLICED BREAD by Peter Nolan Smith

Sliced bread was invented in 1923 by a Davenport, Iowa inventor and the phrase ‘the greatest thing since sliced bread’ entered American legend shortly thereafter. Sliced bread was banned for wartime consumption in 1943, proving even the greatest thing in the world isn’t above the law in the USA. The ban was quickly rescinded by […]

The Happiness of a Vespa

“Riding a Vespa is like having sex with a transvestite. It’s a lot of fun until one of your friends see you doing it.” Of course it’s always fun if you have a naked girl riding behind you. That wasn’t the case in the summer of 1966, when I rode on the back of a […]


Back at the end of the last century there was a short time when the world was devoid of cell phones and computers. Communications between distant countries was a chore. While in Bangkok I would hire a tuk-tuk for the short trip from the Malaysia Hotel to the Bangkok GPO on Charoen Krung Road. The […]