GOP Ties at Obama Speech

The GOP leadership must have sent out a memo to their members of Congress that a red tie is mandatory for tonight’s State of the Union Speech. Only a few Republicans ignored the call to arms. Maybe they don’t own a red tie, because in Western thought a red ties is connected to sin, blood, jealousy, and sex.

In Chinese culture red symbolizes money, fertility, and luck.

A red tie was called a power tie during the 80s. Americans admired the ruthlessness of Wall Street. Wealth became the American dream in the 90s. Everyone felt that they were rich in the 21st Century based on the value of their property. They were wrong. The red ties of Wall Street raped them like cheerleaders on ludes.

I have no red tie and not only because I don’t say ‘yes’ to Chairman Mao, but since a red tie says bad man to me.

No salesman wears a red tie when it comes time to close a deal – James Steele

So go figure the GOP.

They are the red tie party.

Go Mao go.

Reagan wouldn’t have it any other way.

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