Silencing the Truth

Operation Dark Heart by Operation Dark Heart detailed the process how an special operation of the US Military tracked down the 9/11 hijackers prior to the attack. The operation passed on this intelligence to the FBI, which ignored the warning. This damning allegation as well as several other accusations had the Pentagon on a book buying spree.

9500 copies of Operation Dark Heart.

These books were burned in an old-fashioned Nazi bonfire for supposed security reasons. His publisher St. Martins Press showed their fortitude by coming out with a 2nd printing, albeit with words, sentences, and paragraphs blacked out by the Pentagon’s censors.

9500 copies at $25.99 each came to nearly $300,000 instantly catapulting the book to the best-sellers list. Sellers on has offered the several first-edition copies at $2000 a piece. The Pentagon has balked at this price and the public are cautious to pay so much for a book in the age of electronic information.

There is no intellectual property rights for such an expensive book.

I’ve tried to find it online without success.

Once more the truth is hard to find in the land of the freaked.

Especially since it points the finger of blame in the direction desired by the Pentagon.

Mohammad Atta.

Bad Boy # 1.

Burn Baby Burn

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