Cheapskate Torture School

The scandal of Abu Ghraib prison shook the consciousness of America until the Bush administration described the systematic abuse as an isolated incident. More and more photos revealed that the routine torture of detainees spread throughout every Iraqi prison and pointed out that the Pentagon had greenlighted torture as a method of extracting information from the innocent as well as the guilty.

“Requiring prisoners to stand 8-10 hours is not torture.” Donald Rumsfeld actually believed these words, however by 2004 he admitted before Congress that detainees had suffered “grievous and brutal abuse and cruelty at the hands of a few members of the United States armed forces.”

Compensation was suggested by the Defense Secretary.

To date not a single dollar has been paid to the hundreds of former prisoners seeking redress for their time at Abu Ghraib. The Pentagon has defended its dishonor by fighting all allegations in court. Easy work since there are more lawyers in the USA than the US Military has soldiers in the Army.

1,128,729 lawyers in suits and 540,000 men in uniform.

No way a sand nigger has a chance in court against those odds.

Even if the prison guards at Abu Ghraib stand accused of beating a man in front if his sisters so badly that he died from internal injuries or electrocuted prisoners on a regular basis or used attack dogs to bite detainees. Choking, suffocation, sensory deprivation, beatings, waterboarding, and a host of other techniques were SOP or standard operating procedure at Abu Ghraib no matter what they lawyers in suits say before the Supreme Court. Guilty or innocent. All prisoners got the same treatment and this is the truth as is the fact that the Pentagon will appeal any ruling to protect its good name.

“Requiring prisoners to stand 8-10 hours is not torture.”

And no one is talking about sending Donald Rumsfeld to prison for violating human rights. Not if they know what’s good for them and their careers.

ps the brown liquid dried on this naked prisoner was not chocolate pudding.

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