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Hurrah’s nightclub existed from 1977 to 1981. Once its disco era was ended by the opening of Studio 54, the owners refashioned the second-floor club into a showcase for punk and new wave bands. I worked at the door with Howie Montauk and Jack Flood. The DJ was Shaun Cassette. The bands were the Dead Boys, the Damned, the Ramones, ESG, Klaus Nomi, the Police and too many others to mention without hurting my brain cells, however a new website has been dedicated to bringing those shows back to life thanks to the VDO DJ Merrill Aldighieri.

I hadn’t thought I would ever seen Polyrock again or Gang of Four.

This is a must see for all fans of that epoch and here’s the link;

ps We had a good times there; free love and good cocaine.

Before the age of ‘just say no’.

The roof had a view of the Statue of Liberty. I made love to many patriotic girls there. I think I even fell in love with several of them; Lisa Johnson, Emily Johnson, the sisters from New Jersey. I thought I was a star and we were for several years. I just can’t remember which one.

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